Walk and Stop

A famous singer. At a time when approached and cheering you on by his admirers, said in a tone of bitterness; When I was younger, I tried hard to climb the peak of my career.
At the time I like a horse that is being seeker the race, there was nothing else that could attract attention except the finish line.
Seeing such a busy, my grandmother gave advice: “My son, do not walk too fast. Because there are many along the path interesting sights. “
But I never listened to his words . In my mind I thought, when someone has seen a clear direction of travel, why e a waste of time to just stop for a moment?
With that thought so, I kept running to the front. Successive years and I obtain the position, name and wealth that I desire a long time. I also have a family very dear to me. But I do not never felt happy. I’m surprised and kept asking, where is so I’m not happy mistake?.
After a long silence, the singer went on , one point, the group join our music stage outside the region. I’m the main singer. After completion stage, all present cheered clapping without stopping. Stage when they became very successful. But when people are. That cheered me grief-stricken. Someone give telegram sent to me by my wife.
Our fourth child was born recently. Every time my kids were born I have always been far from my wife, only he who must bear the burden of suffering alone. I never saw how my children started to make The first step, not heard how they laugh or crying.
I just heard all this from her mother’s story.
My grandmother’s words echoed again in my ears now ….
Really, I have lost many friends, had long since I’ve never touched the books, and felt nearly a century I have never enjoyed the beautiful flowers that are blooming in park or green of the trees and the sounds of chirping birds.
I’m too busy !!!!!.
=========== ===========
A wise man said: “We can not live just by thinking without work. But life is becoming so insignificant when we worked like a machine that moves without stopping. “We need more free time to reassess the past, as well as determining the future direction new.
When walking, we point to a specific destination. we cultivate a new energy to begin a new journey.

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